Chuyên Mục: Bookkeeping

This estimate is usually based on an analysis of the proportion of obsolete and damaged goods found in the inventory. Smaller organizations may not have sufficient staff to conduct this analysis, and so do not have a reserve for obsolete inventory. ABC International has $1,000,000 of sellable inventory on hand at the beginning of […]

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The final step is to calculate the yield to worst (YTW), which is the lower value between the yield to maturity (YTM) and the yield to call (YTC). The call price assumption of “104” is the quoted bond price that the issuer must pay to redeem the debt issuance entirely or partially, earlier than the […]

Short-term investments are those you’ve held for one year or less, while long term is anything over that time period. For example, wholesaling, prehabbing, and flipping typically fall under short-term investments, while buy-and-hold properties are typically long-term. The difference will be important in determining the tax rates on each investment. Ask your CPA to help […]

Non-current assets, including property, plant, and equipment (PP&E), and long-term investments, are anticipated to provide economic benefit beyond a single operating cycle or one year. Throughout this article, we explored the definition, purpose, components, advantages, and limitations of a classified balance sheet. Despite these limitations, stakeholders can overcome them by combining the information from the […]